To arm or not to arm? Iran’s establishment discussing missile programme

In his interview to Asr-e Iran on 14 January, Second Deputy Chairman of Iranian parliament Ali Mottahari cited Iran’s missile test launches among various “radical excesses” which in recent years “did harm to our [Islamic] revolution.” According to him, the missile launches were efforts to sabotage the Iran’s nuclear deal, the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Continue reading

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Russia in the Syrian civil war: Sometimes They Come Back?



Russian military involvement in the Syrian conflict has become one of the most significant activities of Russia in the Middle East in the last decades. Just five years ago Russia stayed neutral as the NATO intervened in Libyan civil war and any Russian military involvement in the Arab Spring chaos seemed unimaginable. Russian officials always declared support of Assad regime, but nobody expected Moscow to send military forces to protect Assad. And then, last September Russian Airspace Force launched its first strikes at the Syrian armed opposition.

There were many ideas articulated about the motives of such active Russian involvement in the Syrian affairs. Today, after the USA and Russia try to impose a ceasefire, it is time to summarise and synthesise versions and opinions about Russian motives in Syria: Continue reading

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Iran’s Defence Minister on Military Equipment Purchases Abroad: What Remained Unsaid

irna-1394In a lengthy interview on the eve of the Islamic Revolution Day Iran’s Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan presented optimistic although contradictory picture of Iran’s military capacities. Talking to the Second Channel of Iranian TV on Tuesday he reported also remarkable details about the country’s recent arms purchases abroad.

Tehran seems to pursue very pragmatic line dealing with Russia. And given apparent lack of Moscow’s reaction to Iran’s cancelling or reviewing its deal with Russia, Tehran is by far not the junior partner in the de-facto military alliance between Russia and Iran which emerged over the war in Syria. Continue reading

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